Here are answers to some questions you may have:

Will a John Louis Home Closet System fit my closet size?

All John Louis Home Closet Systems fit closets up to 10 feet in wall length. Because the maximum configuration width is 10 feet, the closet system will fit into any wall dimension that is 120 inches (10 ft.) or less

Will I get more shelving if I install the closet system on a wall smaller than 10 feet wide?

Yes. When installed in a closet where the wall is 8 feet wide or less, you will be able to make additional 24" wide shelves from the excess shelf cuts to be used within your closet system. The narrower the wall you have, the more designs you can make using the components in a Closet-in-a Box system.

What do I do if I need more than just a Closet System?

John Louis Home Closet Solutions are designed to meet your needs. Just start with a Closet system and build on from there. Individual shelf lengths, components, hardware and accessories can then be pruchased at a later date through this website. If you just need a shelf or want to design your whole house, John Louis Home can provide you with the solution.

What is the height of a John Louis Home Closet System?

A John Louis Home Closet System does not have a fixed height. Because the system is wall mounted, you decide on the placement of your shelving.

Standard Heights we can recommend are as follows:

Single Shelf & Rod: 68" above floor.
Double Shelf & Rod: 42" and 84" above floor.
Tower Organizer: 84" above floor.

How is the closet system mounted?

John Louis Home towers make use of an "Off-The-Floor" wall mounting system. The system utilizes 3 universal bracket types that are secured onto the walls. These brackets can be placed into studs or into the drywall screw anchors that come with the kit. The shelves are then locked into the brackets. Notches in the tower gables are secured to the top shelf to prevent the unit from moving forward. Since the shelving covers the majority of the brackets, minimal hardware is open to view. Because the closet system is raised, the closet floor space is clear of any obstructions. Download closet installation instructions from our "Assembly Instructions" page for further information and visuals.

Do John Louis Home closets use corner pieces to connect perpendicular shelves?

No. It's not necessary. The back of each shelf is mounted onto the wall. The front end of one shelf (shelf A) is mounted onto the sidewall using a shelf end bracket. The other shelf (shelf B) is mounted onto the front face of shelf A using a shelf end bracket where they meet. It's that simple.

How can I configure my John Louis Home Closet?

Any way you desire. If you purchased a John Louis Home Closet System, 8 - standard configurations are supplied (4 - 8ft. designs, 4 - 10ft. designs) for your convenience. The closet system is designed to be cut and configured to meet your needs.

What tools are necessary to install a John Louis Home Closet?

You will need a tape measure, pencil, level, screwdriver (preferably a powered driver), saw (preferably a Chop Saw or fine blade hand saw) and a basic proficiency with do-it-yourself projects and tools. When cutting wood, we must stress to always wear proper eye and face protection.

Can I mix 12 inch shelving with a 16 inch shelves and tower?

Yes. If you are using a deluxe adjustable shelf tower you must use a 16-inch shelf for the tower top and tower bottom.

Can I use the pass-through garment bar on a 12-inch shelf or the wood garment bar on a 16-inch Shelf?

Yes. Each garment bar style is interchangeable between closet solution types. Since these are classified as custom modifications, download the individual part instructions for installation process.

Will the solid wood warp?

To prevent warping, John Louis Home uses only quality kiln dried wood. The wood is treated and the multi-layered finish process blocks moisture intake. As with any natural product, warping may occur when used in areas that contain overly excessive amounts of moisture.